Godolphin School 1914-1918

This blog, is a term by term account of the Great War by the staff and girls of the Godolphin School, Salisbury. The articles  are taken from the School’s Magazines from 1914 to 1918, it is a record, in their own words of the school during that time.

Over the next four years we will follow the school, its staff, pupils, relations and friends as they live through this momentous period in world history.

This is their story – 

The fact that the same efforts are being maintained is the satisfactory thing to record, though we all know that as time goes on there is not one of us that may not have to make, and desire to make, still more efforts to help our country, and our sailors, soldiers, and airmen, and our Allies at this time.

Our Intercession list is now so long that we have to divide it into several lists, taking some names every Wednesday and Friday, and the Roll of Honour also grows, and with it the heroic courage of those who have the names of those near and dear to them on that list.

Christmas Term 1916


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