A Sailor’s Letter

Autumn Term 1914

School Gardeners 1911

School Gardeners 1911

I think it may interest you to read part of the letter which I got from a sailor, who used to be our gardener, thanking me for a muffler I made for him. He says “We are not allowed to write any information as to the movements of the ships, fleets, units, or anything which might fall into the hands of our enemies. We are attached to the squadron that bombarded the Germans off the coast. Whilst I was aboard the Prince George we were at Ostend in the earlier part of the war. We landed the naval brigade, detachments of marines, guns and ammunition and loads of gear. We were also attacked by submarines, and I am told a torpedo passed within 6ft. of our stern. As were coming out of the narrow channel the leading ships fired, but we didn’t. We took several prizes off the Germans and Austrians…. I feel I should like to go and see all the folks at home, if only for an hour. The Emden has come to the end of her tether, also the Konigsberg; that will free our ships to chase those other eight that sank the Good Hope and Monmouth.”

F. Bathurst