Spring Term, 1915

January 19th – Boarders came back.

January 20th – Miss Douglas read the rules, and spoke of the arrangements made for doing work for the war, which where the same as those for last Term. Miss Douglas warned us that it would be more difficult this Term, when the newness had worn off, to do our part bravely in order that those who are fighting for us at the front may suffer less. There are to be no competitions or outside matches, and we are to have Our Intercession Service as before. Miss Douglas gave us as a motive for the coming Term, “Grant us Thy peace all the days of our life.”

January 30th – There was a Concert in the Hall, organised by Miss Paget.

February 1st – Miss Douglas spoke to us about our Service of Inter-cession, and told us some helpful things about Prayer.

February 17th – Ash Wednesday. School Service at 9.5 a.m. Miss Douglas spoke of Lent as a Spring Time, and as a time for Repentance.

February 23rd – Archdeacon Bodington took the first of the School Services which we have on Tuesday afternoons.

February 24th – £4 15s. collected at Prayers on Fridays, also a parcel of clothes made by Miss Wheeler’s class, were sent to the Belgian Relief Funds. A parcel was also sent to Miss Pearks for soldiers on the Plain.

March 2nd – The second of the Tuesday Lent Services was taken by the Rev. C. T. Wheat, Vicar of Winterslow.