Spring Term 1915

We played two outside matches last Summer Term; one against St. Paul’s on 4th July, which we won 8 matches to 1, and one against Winchester on 11th July, which we lost 13 to 5.

It was the first year St. Paul’s had used the Doherty grip, so, of course, they found it difficult to change their style of play; consequently we beat them fairly easily.

On 11th July we played Winchester and were badly beaten. They used their heads very much more than we did in playing, and invariably placed the ball where their opponents could not get it. We hope that this year everyone will play tennis with great keenness, and that we may have better results than we have had hitherto.


First six Second six
R. Squire Y. Leys
A. Chambers M. Suffield
J. Guillemard H. Harrison
H. Elam J. Adams
M. Smart D. Collier
M. Wood H. Capel



Senior: R. Squire Junior: E. Hudson