Further News of Old Girls – Summer 1915

Mary Gordon is Assistant Lecturer in Classics at Royal Holloway College.

Emmeté Freeman is running a guest house, &c., for soldiers at Pangbourne.

Peggy Deanesly has published her book, “The Incendium Amoris of Richard Rolle of Hampole.” It is well spoken of in the reviews. “This is altogether an admirable piece of work.”

Our heartiest congratulations to the following Old Girls:

Marcia Matthews, who has been made Head Mistress of St. Mary’s, Calne, Wilts.

Dorothy Sayers, who has taken a 1st in Modern Languages at Oxford.

Amphyllis Middlemore, who has taken a 2nd in English at Oxford.

Ivy Phillips, who has taken a 3rd in Natural Science at Cambridge.