Miss Fanny Davies’ Concert

On July 1st, 1915, Miss Fanny Davies came down to the School and gave us a most enjoyable recital. She brought in with her a beautiful bouquet of roses, gathered from the various School House gardens and presented by Miss Awdry. The first item on the programme was Bach’s English suite in A minor, which showed Miss Davies’ marvelous technique and great delicacy of touch to great advantage. This followed by the immortal “Waldstein” Sonata, with its popular and well-known Rondo. Miss Davies’ interpretation of the “Faschingsswank aus Wein” by Schumman, had a special interest since the she was a pupil of the great composer’s wife, Clara Schumman. In the “Romanze” there was a cunningly disguised version of the “Marseillaise.” Next came four pieces by Brahms, two “Klavierstücke,” and two “Fantasien.” The first if the “Klavierstücke” was especially beautiful, and much appreciated by the audience. A very lovely Prelude by Chopin followed, forming a remarkable contrast to the last item on the programme, Paderewski’s “Humoresque dans le style ancient de Scarlatti.” It was a lively and attractive piece, and could not fail to appeal to the most unmusical members of the audience-especially the exciting finish on the top note of the piano! We expressed our delight and gratitude as heartily as we knew how, and Miss Davies very kindly gave us an encore, Mendelssohn’s “The Bee’s Wedding.”