The style of the tennis has undoubtedly improved this year all down through the School, but much remains to be done and learnt. The style can still be much improved and the standard of play should be on a far higher plane.

I fear we should have had little chance of giving our friends from Winchester a really good game, and certainly we could not have beaten them.

It was very sad not to meet Winchester and St. Paul’s this year, but we hope to have that pleasure again next year, if only this dreadful war is over.

We have good reason to hope that next year everybody will get the correct grip much quicker, and then there will be more time to devote to improving the standard of the play. To learn to drive the ball over the net instead of carefully patting it over is one thing; that must be attained before we can hope to give Winchester a good game. Backhanders want a great deal more attention paid to them, and I do hope a top-spin forehand drive will soon be learnt by the whole School.

As I have so often said before the way to improve is to practise certain strokes, especially any stroke that should happen to be your weak spot.

One can do more in one week by practising at break or other odd times certain strokes at which one is weak than in a whole month of playing an ordinary game or match, for on those occasions one avoids all one’s weak spots and goes for the strokes one is most certain of.

I should like to see the time spent at break in practising backhanders, top-skin forehand drive and tossing balls to each other for overhead smashes.


The Tennis Cup was won by Sarum’s 1st Sixes. They won fairly easily all their rounds till they met New Forest, who gave them an excellent match, Sarum only just winning by 5 matches to 4. The order was as follows:

Sarum                 who won 5 rounds

School                who won 4 rounds

New Forest        who won 3 rounds

Fawcett              who won 2 rounds

Nelson                who won 1 rounds

St. Margaret’s    who won 0 rounds

Sarum also won the Oak-framed Board which has been started for the 2nd Sixes. The order was as follows:

Sarum                 5 rounds.

Nelson                4

New Forest        3

School                1

Fawcett              1

St. Margaret’s    1

The 3rd Sixes only played twice, and there again Sarum won.