United Girls’ School Settlement


I must begin by apologising to all the subscribers, and still more to the Group Secretaries, for the fact that no reminder of the date (May 1st), by which all subscriptions should be paid, appeared in the last number of the Magazine. I stupidly sent it about two days too late for insertion.

But, please, will anyone who has not yet paid lay the reminder all the more earnestly to heart because it is so late, and act on it at once.

I have had sad tales from one or two of the Group Secretaries of “old members who have quite dropped their subscriptions, appeals seeming, to be useless.” So far I have only had the subscriptions of six groups, of which two have increased, and four decreased in amount, so it is too soon to judge of the total prospects.

This time of war is necessarily one of great financial anxiety to our Mission and Settlement, as to other organisations. Last year, thanks especially to the splendid “special efforts” of three groups, our total was £1 more than in 1913, but one fears that this year “the tug’s to come.”

So just because it is a time of difficulty, let us give even more loyal and energetic support than ever.

The accounts for last year were rather complicated, partly because the General Treasurer had to be changed three times owing to the war, and partly because a few Group Secretaries still sent direct to the Treasurer. It really saves a good deal of trouble if we can pay the whole O.G.A. subscriptions together. So will all Secretaries please, send their Group subscriptions to me as soon as possible.

Edith E. Blach (Treasurer)