Examination Results – Christmas 1915


Completed Certificates: R. Ainslie, Science, French and Drawing; V. Joscelyne, Latin, Greek, Arithmetic and Algebra.

Full Certificates: K. Connah, History, English, Elementary Mathematics, Science, and French; J. Deninson, History, English, Elementary Mathematics, Science and French; M. Godley, History , English, Arithmetic, Algebra and French: W. Poynton, History, English, Elementary Mathematics and French.

Letters: P. George, History, English, Arithmetic, Geometry and French; N. Waters, History, English, Drawing and Science.


  1. Alexander, History; Mathematics, French, Science and English.


‘Cello (Lower), H. Livesey, 130, pupil of Miss Whitehead.

Piano, Higher, Y. Leys, 101, pupil of Miss K. Harding;

Lower, I. Moon, 106, pupil of Miss K. Harding; Lower, M. Leys, 103, pupil of Miss K. Harding; Elementary, E. Waters, 111, pupil of Miss K. Harding.

Violin, Higher, N. Northcroft, 116, pupil of Miss N. Harding; Higher, H. Theodosius, 109, pupil of Miss N. Harding; Lower, J. Pears, 118, pupil of Miss N. Harding; Elementary, E. Douglas, 107, pupil of Miss N. Harding.