Milking – Christmas 1915

This term some of us have been lucky enough to have milking lessons from a Wilts County Council Milking Instructor.

Every day we go down to the farm on the way to “Peter’s Finger”, and there we don the Wilderness garb, thick boots and white sun bonnets. First of all we go and fetch the cows in from their field and drive them into their sheds and chain them up. This done, we begin milking operations. On the first day we were shown the “method of approach”, which consists of grasping the pail firmly in the right hand, the stool in the left and butting the cow with the head!

The first five minutes were most trying both for the cow and for us, as the milk wouldn’t come, but at length, after much energy, we were rewarded by the appearance of a tiny trickle!

The next day we became much quicker, and very soon most of us could milk two or three cows in forty-five minutes. Before long we all had our favourites and there was great competition to start on these first. One pretty Ayrshire cow was always avoided, we christened her the “limit” – well she was the limit!

We are all very sorry that our lessons are over, and we hope very much to be able to practise milking during the holidays.