Tea Party for Wounded Soldiers – Christmas 1915

One is so used, on entering the front door of the School, to be met by a swirl of wind, piano playing, and voices, that it was a distinct shock, one Saturday afternoon, to find a profound calm reigning, only flavoured by a strong smell of tobacco.

But if it was quiet in the front hall, it wasn’t in the dining-room or girls sitting-room; they were full of cheerful voices and the rattle of tea-things, to say nothing of a jolly company of soldiers.

When the visitors had (as one expressed it) “done their duty” by the tea, they all went off to the Hall, which was gay with evergreens, flags, and a thick fringe of girls round the gallery.

Miss Lucy had invited Mr. Chester to give an entertainment, and it was most thrilling. After being told (to quick music) that he had lost his little dog, we had some stirring songs, a couple of dialogues (with Mr. Chester), wonderful sums done for us in no time (and they were right too!), card tricks and some very clever ventriloquism.

It was difficult to tell whether the guests or the hostesses enjoyed themselves the most, and it was with a very real regret that happy evening came to an end. We sang the National Anthem and cheered our brave visitors out of the hall.