Garden Club – Summer 1916


First Price
S. Yorke P. Clarke H. Elworthy
J. Carey J. Hinxman H. Toms
C. Harrison

Second Price
D. Hinixman K. Newson A. Armitage
M. Holmes P. Du Buisson N. Preece
M. Sim B. Medlicott

Third Price
J. Chapman M. Stevens-Guille M. Ainslie
N. Randall I. Usher

Miss Douglas gave the prizes in the gardens on Wednesday, May 17th.
The following Poems won prizes in a competition for the best poem on Gardens.


In the sunny summer-time when all around is gay,
And skies are blue, and trees are green, and little elfins play
Why then –
My little garden is full of all delight,
From early misty morning
To still and starry night.

The roses in my garden are red and white and pink,
And the dew-drops on their petals ask the bees to come and drink.
Oh then –
My little garden is a sight for tired eyes,
Full of lilies and carnations,
And of gaudy butterflies.

But it’s different in winter when all the flowers have gone.
And the roses have departed, and the soil looks cold and lone,
Even then –
I know in one corner of the bed
I shall find a modest violet
With its dainty purple head.

My flowers have a language, only not like yours and mine,
It’s like the rain in summer, it’s so small and light and fine,
But then –
Only few can hear it, and I am one of those,
And I won’t tell a creature
What my flowers to me disclose.

My garden’s a like kingdom of which I am the King,
And sometimes if I’m careful I can hear the fairies sing.
And then –
Why, I’m as happy as happy as call be,
And I wish that all small children
Could be a king like me.

SUN-WORSHIPPER (Ursula Armitage).


The snow lay thick o’er all the land,
The flowers slept beneath the ground;
Majestic way the scene and grand,
So silent everything around.

Soon came the warm spring sun again,
And melted all the snow away;
Then forth there peeped in hedge and lane
The tiny leaf-buds of the May.

The fairies took a snowflake white,
And made of it a tiny bell
Which softly rang both day and night,
That Spring was coming soon to tell.

So when I see the snowdrops sweet
Peep from beneath their soft brown bed,
I know they are come forth to meet
The springtime. and that winter’s fled.

HIBISCUS (Sheila Dimsey.)