Kossovo Day – Summer 1916

On Wednesday, June 28th, we kept Kossovo Day. At prayers in the morning Miss Douglas read a short account of that great battle, fought in 1389, when, after the most heroic resistance. Tzar Lazar and the Serbian Chivalry went down before the Turks, and the long night of Mohammedan oppression set in. Then we sang “‘Through the night of doubt and sorrow,” and Miss Douglas read the proper Kossovo Day prayers.
In the evening we met again to sing the Serbian Anthem and to think of those brothers of ours whom we never had in our sphere of care before. For the time being they have no Fatherland; Serbia has been blotted from the map by a disaster worse than that of Kossovo.
We were greatly helped in our new sympathy with them by the reading of some passages from the writing of Father Nicholai Velimirovic, the learned Serbian priest now in England.


Miss Steer has not mentioned that she gave us a most interesting lecture on Kossovo Day, the fruits of her much reading and thought about Serbia: and I am sure we shall not easily forget the masterIy sketch of the history of that little nation, nor the stirring description of their keeping of Kossovo Day, nor the beautiful words with which her lecture ended. All thanks are due to her from all of us who heard the lecture.