Messengers – Summer 1916

As many of the Old Girls will no doubt be working for the National Mission we feel sure the following very beautiful poem by the Rev. F. L. Perkins (Miss Bagnall’s brother-in-law) will be much appreciated:­

“Every one of us is already enrolled in the great comradeship of service-the Church of Christ.”
“Whom shall I send?” – Thy wondrous word of old
Smote on the prophet’s ear, and bade him see,
Mightier than sin, Thy mercies manifold
Till his purged lips cried ‘Here am I, send me,’

“Whom shall I send?” – Above the mercy seat
Where seraph wings veil heaven’s high Mystery,
Heart to eternal Heart made answer meet,
“Send now Thy son to do Thy Will, send Me.’

Whom didst Thou send? – Beside Genesaret’s shore,
O’er all the windy ways of Galilee
Swiftly from bench and bank, from field and oar,
Men gathered to His summons “Follow Me.”

Whom wilt Thou send? – The merciful, the meek,
The pure, the penitent from sin set free,
Those who, much finding, fail not more to seek,
Crying in wonder, “If Thou canst send me.”

For few may follow down the darkling road
By Kedron’s torrent to Gethsemane,
And who of us can share the bitter load
Our Lord has borne to cross-crowned Calvary?

As Thou didst claim the persecutor Saul,
The herald of the Crucified to be;
Or as gay-hearted Francis Thou didst call
With love to woo war-stricken Italy.

So for our England in her utmost hour,
Though we be feeble, faltering, wayward, weak,
Give us thy wisdom and Thy word of power
Hard hearts to soften, wandering souls to seek.

Teach us through penitence and eager prayer
To find, O living Lord, our all in Thee,
Yea, greatly failing, bid us not despair,
Thou sendest not in vain, do Thou send me.