Mr. Stephen Graham – Summer 1916

On Ascension Eve we had the very great privilege of a visit from Mr. Stephen Graham. His lecture set the seal on the very real affection that some of us have been growing for the Russian people since we began to know something about them. Mr. Graham has got ‘nearer to the heart of Russia, and especially of the Russian peasant, than perhaps any other Englishman. Upon him, therefore, is laid the mission of explaining the two peoples to one another. So far we have known little of each other, and that chiefly through German spectacles. We are very different, and yet each of us needs just what the other can give.

Mr. Graham calls Russia the Church of the World. Certainly lie made us feel that we must go to her to learn to worship more un-selfishly, and to have more charity, humility and patience. We hope Mr. Graham was able to understand from our farewell to him what a great thing he did for us.