Old Girls’ Reading Club
 – Summer 1916

To all Old Girls, and not only to those who are members.
I think that nobody can wish to be fettered by any rules as to reading at this time when there is so much of many kinds of work to bee done. We may wish to take heed of some at least of the extraordinarily interesting books which are being published every day in order to meet our ignorance and help our thoughts and move our feelings aright with regard to the stirring events passing in the world at the present time. I add a list of a few books which I have begun to read myself, and hope to read more, and I think others may be glad to know of them, if they do not do so. A postcard at, any time asking for a fresh list will be most gladly answered after consultation with other members of the Staff, who have introduced so many books to my notice.
1. Serbia in Light and Darkness, N. Velimirovic; 3s. 6d.
2. The Soul of Serbia, N. Velimirovic; Is., Faith Press.
3. Christianity and War, N. Velimirovic; 3d., Faith Press.
4. The Religious Spirit of the Slavs. N. Velimirovic; 1s., Macmillans.
5. Ordeal by Battle, F. S. Oliver; 1s., Macmillans.
6. Essays for Boys and Girls (interesting for any age), Stephen Paget 5s., Macmillans.
7. The mainsprings of Russia. Maurice Baring; 2s., Nelsons.
8. Religion in Europe and the World Crisis, C. E. Osborne; 8s., Fisher Unwin.
9. The War and Democracy, Seton-Watson; 2s., Macmillans.
10. Civilization at the Cross Roads; 1s., J. N. Figgis.
11. The German Soul; 5s., F. von Hügel.
12. Euripides and his Age, Gilbert Murray; 1s., William Norgate.
13. Across the Bridges, Alexander Paterson; 1s., Arnold.
14. The Mind of the Disciples, N. Talbot; 3s. 6d., Macmillans.
15. Have You Understood Christianity? W. J. Carey; 2s., Longmans.
16. Self-Training in Prayer. A. H. McNeile; 1s., W. Heffer.