Old Godolphin Girls’ Work Party – Summer 1916

In 1915 the four Secretaries of the Old Girls’ Work Party were able to send tip a total of 252 garments to the United Girls’ Schools Settlement, where they were most gratefully received. There is a decided improvement in the quality and in the usefulness of the things sent, but a sad falling off in the numbers, being 50 less than 1914. Perhaps this is unavoidable in these times, but we hope the members will see to it that there is no further decrease in 1916. Will everybody please remember to enclose their names with the parcel, so that we call acknowledge them?

The addresses of the Secretaries are as follows:

D. C. Secretan, Broke’s Meadow, Reigate.
N. Thomas, Min-yr-afron, Overton Bridge, Ruabon.
R. Coventon, 111, Woodstock Road, Oxford.
J. Rogers, 1, Victoria Square, Clifton, Bristol.

D. C. S.