Sarum Old Girls – Summer 1916

Working at the War Office – Dolly Wilson, Evelyn Wood, Stella Wilkinson, Kathleen Humphrys and Wilma Prothero (in London)
Working at Banks – Dorothy Cooper (Lloyds)
Working S. and S.F.A – Dorothy Buchanan
Working at the Guest House – Mrs Leahy (Gertrude Shingleton), and Mrs Wyld (Nelly Carpenter)
Working on the Land – Beatrice Wilson

The following Old Girls and Godolphin mistresses are V.A.D. Cooks in Salisbury: – Miss Ashford, Beatrice Gummer, Ada Grove, Beryl Hunter, Eileen Hunter, Madge Jackson, Nora Livesey, Miss Mixer, Miss Powell, Violet Parson, Jessie Pearce, Mrs. Hewson (nee Dorothy Whitehead), Dorothy Ware, Gwen and Barbara Pinniger, Kathleen Humphrys, Joan Fison, Mary Sanders., Evelyn Wood, Ruth Whittingdale and Dorothy Prothero.
Red Cross Nurses – Miss V.A. Wyld (Commandant), Miss F. Clark, Misses H. and J. Morrice, Rosa Pepper, Miss L. Hammick, Miss S. Wordsworth, Irene Wordsworth (St. Thomas), Miss Fussell and Mrs. Pope.