COMMEM Saturday – Christmas 1916

I know that you and many another Old Girl were thinking of Godolphin at Commem. time this year, so you may like to know what we did to celebrate it in a quiet way.
First and foremost we had Miss Jones with us, on a visit to England, and she always seems such an essential part of Commem., in fact I suppose there has only been one without her!
We began the day with the early Celebration at St. Martin’s, then after breakfast we had our Commem. Service in the School Hall, and Miss Jones spoke to us, and told us what an extraordinary blessing it was to a country and a school to have old traditions at their backs, and that nothing brings this home to one so much as living in a country like South Africa, which is still “in the making.”
She asked for a show of hands of all those who had known her at School, and there seemed such a small minority-one does not realise how much a School changes in three years.
After the Service there was an hour’s Prep., and then the girls were left to spend the day as they pleased; some took their lunch and some their tea, and went to the Downs or Old Sarum, and any who liked assembled in the evening in the Hall, where Miss Atkinson, Miss Ward, and Miss Lavender, played delightful music to most ap­preciative listeners.
So you see Commem, for us was not without its pleasures, and as so few of the present girls know “the real thing” no comparisons could be drawn by them, but it made us old ones long more than ever for the necessary circumstances that might bring about another Commem. Anyway I have had my last Commem. as a member of the Godolphin Staff as, with much regret, I am leaving this term and take this opportunity of saying “Goodbye” to all Old Girls as a Mistress, though not as an old friend.
Yours affectionately