Roll of Honour – Christmas 1916

BEVIS. Raymond Bevis, brother of Mildred Parnell.

NEWBOLD. Second-Lieutenant Philip Newbold, 7th Royal West Kent Regiment. Killed July 13th.

CROMBIE. Ian O. Crombie, Captain, 11th Battalion Middlesex Regiment. Killed’ in the Somme, July 28th.

HELLARD. Second-Lieutenant John Alexander, 3rd Somerset Light Infantry, brother of Molly King, killed in France, July 2nd, 1916.

SANCTUARY. Captain Charles Lloyd Sanctuary, M.C., Suffolk Regiment, died of wounds received in action on September 28th. He was the eldest son of Canon and Mrs. Sanctuary, Old Cleeve, Washford.

DU BUISSON. Second-Lieutenant Jack Du Buisson, R.F.A., died of fever on October 11th.

WOOD. Lieutenant Harold Wood, 8th Battalion King’s Royal Rifle Corps. Died of wounds on August 25th.

LISTER,. Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Hugh Lister, M.D., C.M.G., who died on July 17th of pulmonary tuberculosis on his way home from Egypt, was the son of the late Arthur Lister, F.R.S., and nephew of the late Lord Lister, and one of the best-known medical practitioners in Aberdeen. He was born at Leytonstone in 1864, was educated at Marlborough College, Trinity College, Cambridge, and was a medical graduate of Aberdeen University. On his graduation in 1895 he began practice in Aberdeen, and took his: M.D. degree with honours in 1904. He developed a large and influential practice, specialising in tuber­culosis. He was physician to the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, and lecturer on clinical medicine at Aberdeen University since 1912, and had been at various times house physician at Middlesex Hospital, medical officer Morningfield Hospital for Incurables, medical referee Newhills Sanatorium, and hon. physician Tuberculosis Wards Aberdeen City Hospital. Since the outbreak of war he has rendered distinguished medical service with the Forces, and some time ago received the C.M.G. Dr. Lister married Sybil, daughter of the late Sir Reginald Palgrave, Clerk to the House of Commons.