The National Mission – Christmas 1916

On Friday, October 27th, the Bishop, Dr. F. E. Ridgeway, came to give the School the Message of the National Mission. He spoke to the Upper School down to Upper IV. inclusive, by themselves in the Hall, specially on what we can give to our nation, using the illustration of SS. Peter and John’s gift to the lame man at the Beautiful Gate. The Bishop then spoke to the Lower School on the need for their help, from the story of the lad with the loaves and fishes who helped to feed the Five Thousand.
In the afternoon the Bishop spoke in the dining-room to the servants of all the Houses, and at 3.45 to all the mistresses in the Staff Room, on St. John’s vision of the Holy City as equal in length, breadth, and height-symbolizing the completeness, symmetry, and harmony of the Divine City of Humanity, for which we are called to labour. The three elements, length, breadth, and height, are the three essentials of all true education for life.
It was a very great privilege to have the Bishop himself as our Messenger. He said he came to us as the chief Girls’ School of the Diocese, and he was going to two great public Schools for Boys.