The Soliders’ Guest House – Christmas 1916

There’s a welcome for the weary,
After marching-oh! so dreary­
Up and down:
In summer nice and airy
And in winter warm and glary;
It’s the Tipperary Tea Room in the town.
Oh! the plates of bread and butter,
Oh! the patience of the cutter:
Not a frown!
A cup of tea a penny!
No wonder there are many
Who flock to Tipperary in the town.
Instead of bombs, their plate is
Filled with sausages and taties
Done to brown:
And in place of sentry duty
There are jellies sweet and fruity
In this homely Tipperary in the town.
Yes, the dairy milk is foamy,
And they find it far more homey
Than the Crown:
So we’re busy taking money
And it really isn’t funny
That they love the Tipperary in the town.