A Soldiers’ Letter – Summer Term 1917

A letter received by a member of the Lower School in thanks for a “blotter”

13th General Hospital.
May 16th, 1917.

Just a note, hoping you are well and all the others there, as I am recovering nicely. Well, dear Girl. I got your nice little present, and I am very pleased with it. The Sister brought it up just now, and told me to write and let you know, but in case you don’t get this, please write and let me know. How are things at the School? I hope you are enjoying your school-days and getting on well. Well, Miss, I am having quite a holiday now, as I am much better, as I didn’t care how things went for a while. I was at Salisbury for a while, and I did not like the place, it was too cold, as I am Used to it a little hotter, as I came from Australia. I will soon be sent to England now, as I am nearly fit to travel. I came from Australia, so you will see I am not an Irishman, as they say I am. Ah well, dear friend, I must close now as I am in bed and short of news. With best wishes and all sorts of things to you.

I remain,
Your friend now,
ALF SHANKS, No. 2464.