Commemoration, 1917 – Christmas Term 1917

On Saturday, September 29th, we celebrated Commem, (in spite of the fact that we had no Old Girls with us), beginning, the day with the Early Service at St. Martin’s taken by Mr. Cameron.
At 9.30 we had the school Commemoration Service with the hymn for Absent Friends.
At 5.30 the whole school assembled in the Hall for speeches (sug­gested by Miss Mixer) and games. It was a great pleasure to see Lady Hulse and Miss Hussey on the platform, while we were very sorry that Miss Style was unable to be present. Miss Douglas, after reading a telegram of good wishes from Miss Thicknesse, told us about the past history of the school, reading us many extracts from old diaries. The school started with 22 girls, among whom were Evelyn Bloom (Mrs. Leys); Miss Fussell and Miss Wyld. She ended by paying a tribute to the good work done by Godolphin Old Girls all over the world at this time.
Miss Westlake next spoke of the games of the school, and of their difficulties in the days before we got our present grounds. After telling us of the first house matches and of new houses gradually appearing to take part in the competitions, site proposed tile health of the games of the school.
Miss Wyld followed with some very amusing reminiscences of the School as she first knew it.
Miss Awdry then told us of the music of the school, concluding with a warm appreciation of her former head-mistress Miss Andrews.
Miss Lucy, in the final speech, told us of former proper Comments. giving an amusing account of that in 1907, when the Old Girls acted “The Rose and the Ring.”
We then had claps for Miss Douglas and the Mistresses and ended a very enjoyable evening with games.