Concert in the Town – Christmas 1917

On Wednesday, November 14th, nearly the whole school went to the Palace Theatre to hear a concert which had. been arranged in aid of the Diocesan Refuge, Salisbury. That Lady Hulse had organised it was sufficient guarantee of its excellence, but we enjoyed it even more than we expected to. A full house received Miss Sibyl Eaton’s beautiful violin solos most enthusiastically; Mr. Boris Lensky’s songs were encored (we hummed “Margot” everywhere for days after, there is a faint echo of it still), and we hardly knew whether to be more delighted with the dances Miss Maude Valerie White had composed or with the way in which she played then). In fact, we thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and we were very glad to hear that a, large sum was realised for the Diocesan Refuge.