Games – Christmas Term 1917

Cricket: Fawcett won the cricket Cup after a very excitig match against Nelson. There were 4 minutes to play and Fawcett got the last wicket in that time or Nelson would have won on the 1st innings and won the Cup.
The 1st XI. played a match against the Chafyn-Grove Boys’ Preparatory School and beat them on the 1st innings by 9 runs. G. Rigden took 6 wickets for 9 runs. We hope to make this an annual match.
1st XI. Y. Leys (captain), E. Hudson, D. Turner, P. C. Clarke, K. Sargeaunt, N. Northcroft, V. Greene, J. Chapman. J. Hinsman. G. Taylor, G. Rigden.

Leys made top score-25 runs.
Leys won the Running Cup.
Lea won the Senior Ball for throwing but being last year’s winner passed it on to B. Medlicott.
Fanner won the Junior Ball.
Lea 60 yards 2 feet
Medilcott 50 yards 1 foot
Fanner 49 yards 2 inches.


Nelson House won the Lacrosse Tournament.
On the whole Sarum had the best team, and the match Nelson and Sarum was very good. Methuen could not hold their own this year, but made a good start and played the game between.

School House – P. Wood
Sarum – J. CarterSt. Margret’s – P. DuBuisson
Nelson – S. Wotton
Fawcett – M. Sim, F. Frood
Hamilton – NT. Blackett, M. Thursby
Methuen – E. Muir


Results of the House Matches:

1st         Sarum               5 Rounds
Fawcett            4 Rounds
School              3 Rounds
Nelson             2 Rounds
St Margret’s      1 Rounds
New Forest       0 Rounds

1st        Fawcett            5 Rounds
Nelson             3 Rounds
Sarum              3 Rounds
St Margaret’s    2 Rounds
School              2 Rounds
New Forest       0 Rounds

Lower Vb. beat Upper IV by 11 matches to 7 matches.
Upper IV. beat Lower IV by 15 matches to 3 matches.
Each Form played a 1st and 2nd six and the matches gave very good practice to the Forms that were beaten.

July 22nd Staff v. 1st Six:­

STAFF                                                     1st Six.
Miss Pinckney                              Y. Leys
Miss C. Ashford                           V. Leys
Mr. Douglas                                    E. Hudson
Miss Westlake                              G. Rigden
Miss Parson                                    M. Sim
Mrs. Paulley                                    G. Taylor.
M. Sim and G. Taylor were the pair who did best for the School, getting, a set off the Staff’s third couple and running; each of our other couples into a set in which 5 all was called before the set was decided, Mr. Douglas and Miss Westlake did best for the Staff; they only lost 10 games during the afternoon, while Miss Pinckney and Miss C. Ashford only lost 12 games.

 The Championship. As Eva, Hudson was not allowed to play in the championship, it looked like Yvorne and Vera Leys meeting in the final, and that eventually turned out to be the case. Until the sisters met Vera’s hardest match was against Gertrude Taylor 6-5, 6-5. Yvorne had hard matches against K. Sargeaunt 6-4, 6-5; E. Lea 4-6, 6-1, 6-2; and P. Kempe 4-6, 6-5. 6-2. The final took place on Mil­ford before the School. It was an excellent match, Vera just winning at 6-2, 2-6, 9-7, owing, perhaps, to her being a little more active than her sister. Yvorne has the prettier style and with a little more activity the match might have gone the other way. It was a great disappointment to us all that Eva Hudson could not play.

The Second Sixteen. This was won by J. Filing, whose hardest match was against N. Figgis 3-4, 4-0, 4-2, in the second round. Her other matches were easy. Her style is good, which gives her a great advantage over some in the Second Sixteen.
I hope the whole School will again observe that these two events have been won by the players with the better style.

V. Leys
Y. Leys
E. Hudson
G. Rigden
M. Sim
G. Taylor

The last three won their tennis brooch for the first time.
Yvorne Leys has won the certificate for teaching tennis, which shews that she uses the, “Standard” or “Doherty” grip, and that she has learnt the following strokes: “Forehand drive, both ordinary and putting “top” on ball; backhand drive ditto; the Standard overhand service; overhand smash, forehand and backhand; volleys forehand and backhand; low volleys ditto.” We congratulate her heartily on being on the playground staff of St. Paul’s Girls’ School, and if Yvorne can impart her own style of play to her tennis pupils, we shall congratulate her again.