Games – Summer Term 1917


The final round of the Lacrosse Tournament was played, and the whole resulted in a good win for Fawcett House. They played con­sistently good games, which showed that the “tail” had been worked up well. Their strength in comparison was in defence, as only four goals were scored against them in five matches.


1st Round­
Fawcett beat New Forest by 10 goals to 9. P. Clarke was particularly good, and many goals were scored by excellent passes from her.
School beat St. Margaret’s by 2 goals to 1. St. Margaret’s attack was very weak, but H. Elworthy and P. Du Buisson were of great support in defence. School House played well together but there were too many muddlers in the team.

 2nd Round­
Fawcett beat Nelson by 9 goals to 1. N. Figgis was good in defence for Nelson, and M. Chilton in goal saved many good shots. Fawcett played a good open game and were quick on the ball. J. Chapman and M. Sim were steady and well supported the team.
Sarum beat School by 4 goals to nil. They were much stronger, though their team play wants improving.

Fawcett beat Sarum by 5 goals to 3, after an excellent match thoroughly enjoyed by all. D. Turner was good in goal for Sarum, also Y. Leys in the centre. Fawcett again played a good team game. On the whole the better team won, but it was as even and exciting a game as the finals should be. The team owes much to P. Clarke’s quickness and speed, J. Hinxman has been a support in defence throughout the matches.


1st Round­
St. Margaret’s beat School by 33 runs in the 1st innings.
Fawcett beat Sarum by 15 runs.
Nelson beat New Forest by an innings and 110 runs.

2nd Round­
Fawcett beat School by an innings and 111 runs.
St. Margaret’s beat New Forest by 10 wickets.
Nelson beat Sarum by 142 runs.

3rd Round
Nelson beat School by 234 runs (School were unfortunately without three of their best players).
Sarum beat New Forest by an innings and 77 runs.
Fawcett beat St. Margaret’s in 1st innings by 64 runs.

The Cricket has been promising this year. There are many more hitters amongst the batsmen, and some good scores have been made in the House Matches. The fielding has been good, which the Captains have coached well. P. Clarke is the best. Several of the younger ones are coming on quickly.

In Form Matches, Lower VI. beat Upper VA and VB. Special V. and Par. beat Lower VA. Lower VB beat Upper IV., and Upper IV. beat Lower IV.

Nelson, Sarum and Fawcett are the strongest Houses this year, and the fielding is good. School and New Forest have much weaker teams, but they have worked at their teams well, and improved accordingly. There are two more rounds to be played.




Only two rounds of the tennis matches have been played, and the Championship has just begun. Further Tennis news will be published in the next Magazine.