Miss Davies’ Inspection – Christmas Term 1917

On December 11th, in the morning 14 girls played in the hall to Miss Davies to compete for her prize. The result is as follows: ­Nannie Figgis, the winner of the prize last year, has proved by her work and performance that she was worthy of it. The winner of the prize this year is:

Price: Betty Buxton (Miss Ward).

Award of Merit:
Margaret Walker (Miss Ward)
Lil Taylor (Miss Lavender)
Catherine Harrison (Miss Atkinson
Lettice Jenkins (Miss Mixer)
Frances Frood (Miss Mixer)
Mary Dalston (Miss Awdry)

Highly Commended:
Fay Monier Williams (Miss Lavender)

Ivy Moon (Miss Coombs).
Frances Aitken (specially for MacDowell), Miss Ward.