Miss Fanny Davies’ Recital – Christmas Term 1917

(Dec. 10th, 1917).

Miss Fanny Davies gave her Annual Recital to the school, and was, as always, greatly appreciated. On the previous Saturday Miss Mixer kindly gave a short illustrated lecture, which was most helpful and interesting. The programme was as follows:


Prelude and Fugue in G major and B flat minor Bach
Fantasie C minor – Mozart
Sonata Op. 27. No. 1 – Beethoven
Variations Op. 21. No. 1 – Brahms
Three Romances Op. 28 – Schumann
Impromptu F sharp major – Chopin
Etude F minor – Chopin
Etude C sharp minor – Scriabine
Tone Poem Op. 1. No. 8 – Metner
Fragment Lyrique Op. 28 – Metner
Spinning Top – Rebikoff
Souvenir d’Enfance – Moussorgsk

It is not too much to say that we look forward to Miss Davies’ coming throughout the whole year, and when the great day does arrive the only drawback is that it is over so soon. It is impossible to des­cribe in any words the playing of so great an artiste, but judging by the appreciation shewn by each member of the audience, one felt they did realise the great delight and privilege of listening to music so wonderfully interpreted.