Miss Fanny Davies’ Recital – Summer 1917

Dec. 11, 1916

 We had been feeling “mezzo forte” for quite a long time, but when Miss Davies’ own glorious Steinway Grand actually appeared at School, our excitement and expectation began to rise in a steady “crescendo,” which lasted till Monday afternoon, and ended in a “treble forte” burst of applause as she herself stepped on to the decorated platform.
In the gallery were the Mistresses, while the School (in Houses) and a large audience from the town, sat in the Hall.
When Miss Davies had laid her bouquet of carnations (given by Miss Atkinson) where we could all see and enjoy them, she began her recital with “Galiardo in A minor” “The Earle of Salisbury-his Pavana,” William Byrde, 1546-1623.
As no words could even begin to do justice to Miss Davies’ playing, and I am not the great composer who alone could fitly describe it in music, I can only give the programme, and leave the rest to the memory and imagination of those who heard it.

Partita in B flat – Bach, 1685-1750
Prelude Allemande Sarabande Menuett – Gigue
Sonata Appassionata Op. 57 – Beethoven
(Assi-Allegro-Aidante con Noto-Allegro ma non treppo-Presto)
Sonata in D major – Mozart
Allegro-Andante con moto-Finale
(Second piano, Miss Dorothy Coombs)
Rhapsodic in G minor – Brahms
Aufschwuna (Aspiration) – Schumann
Warnm – Schumann
Novelette – Schumann
Tema and Variations in B flat – Schumann
(Second piano, Miss Lavender)
“Au bord d’une source” – Liszt
Mazurka – Chopin
Impromptu in A flat – Chopin
“Rune” (Manuscript) – Joseph Allan Taffs (Mendelssohn Scholar)
Toccata – Clauclr Debuesy

As the encore (an Arensky Study) ended, the spell broke; the Gate of the Wonderland where we had been wandering for a few short hours shut behind us, and we awoke to the stern reality that the concert was over for another year.
But I hope our applause showed Miss Davies at least some part of the gratitude we felt to her, for we had brought from that Wonderland whither her music had led us, the golden memory of the time past­ and also, inspiration for the time which was yet to come.