Miss Gray’s Speech – Summer Term 1917

On Whit-Monday, May 28th, Miss Gray, the High Mistress of St. Paul’s School, talked to the Staff and elder girls about Teaching as National Service. She said it had been hard for many teachers not to be rebels to their own work, when there seemed to be such pressing need of other forms of service more directly helpful to our gallant men; but in reality, nothing could be more important for the nation than the training of the generation who would have to carry on what our men are fighting for.
Miss Gray said to the girls that there were now so very many more openings for them than there used to be, but she wished they would consider the importance of the work of teaching, and try, for a few years at any rate, whether they were fitted for it. She herself had taught Latin grammar for more than thirty years without being tired of it, for though the grammar remained the same the children were always different, and one helped them to learn so very much besides the actual subject.