Mr. Tuckey’s Address – Christmas Term 1917

On Wednesday, December 5th, the Assistant Chaplain-General to the Forces gave us a most stirring address in our Hall. He spoke to us of the great part which women and girls have to play in the des­tinies of the nation, and of the enormous influence, which they have over men. Women have power to inspire men to be their very best and noblest, and power, if they will, to pull them down from the heights to which they might, with encouragement, have attained. In this war, women have been given an unprecedented opportunity to help humanity; they must see to it that they help, not hinder, the gallant men but for whom our country would be suffering the same fate as Flanders and parts of France are to-day.
Women and girls cannot have the influences for good that they ought to have, except through the power of prayer. If they cannot serve their country in any other way, they can do it by their prayers. A girl may have her faults and may fail time and again, but if she is a true Christian she will pray and start afresh, and never give up the struggle. Being a Christian does not mean going about with a long face. If she is gloomy there is sure to be something wrong. Cheerfulness and contentment are absolutely essential if she is to help at all. Look on the bright side of things:
“Two men looked out of their prison bars, The one saw mud, the other stars.”
A woman must be pure, prayerful, cheerful, temperate, and trans­parently sincere. She will then be all incalculable blessing, both to every man with whom she comes in contact, and to the generations yet to collie.