Old Godolphinites’ Christmas Treat – Summer 1917

Sometime before Christmas, I wrote to Miss Montgomery, the Secretary of the I.C.A. at the Settlement, about our usual Christmas Treat for the children, and it was suggested that, owing to the unusual circumstances, it would be wiser for us not to have the Treat this year, but to devote all the money we could collect to convalescence and surgical instruments for the children.
The following Circular was therefore sent to Old Girls in December, with the splendid result that we have now been able to send in the sum of £12 5s. 4d. I have had a very grateful letter from Miss Montgomery, in which she says: “Thank you very much indeed for the splendid donation of £12 5s. 4d. I am delighted with it, and I hope the Old Girls will know how very grateful we are for the help given.”


I have had a letter from the Invalid Children’s Association at the Settlement suggesting that, for this year only, owing to the unusual circumstances, it might be better for us not to have our Children’s Treat at Christmas, and asking if the Old Girls would let them have the money instead for convalescence and surgical instruments for the cripple and invalid children.
The chief reason is that they need the money very badly. They are losing a grant of £70 from the local C.O.S., who say they cannot now raise the money. “It is such a splendid work, and we do give the children such a chance to regain their health-in fact many of our old boys are serving in the Army-so we don’t want to give it up if we can help it.” The other reason for not having it this year is the great difficulty of getting helpers. So many of the Old Girls are at work and find it difficult to promise help for a certain day, and the workers at the Settlement are too busy to undertake anything extra.
Most grateful thanks are due to those Old Girls who every year make it possible to have the Treat, but one Secretary tells me that last year she sent out 90 notices and only had 25 answers. If every Old Girl who gets this notice, and who does not generally give, would send Gd. to her Secretary, we should get a splendid result.
It is for this year only that we are asked to suspend the Treat.

(C. M. BOYLE).