On A Wiltshire Road, 1917 – Christmas Term 1917

God’s earth do seem to me
Full of they parables
Such as the Lord did tell
There by the Lake in Galilee.

Our downs be made His way;
Wi’ their steep sides
An’ great long backs
They’m full of peace all day.

At school the children hears
How it did teake
More than ten thousand years
To rear’en up and round’en so;
And sure lie’s patient too wi’ men
Time, and agen.

Sometimes I’ve thought
We could learn all we need just watchen ’em
And thinken how the seed
Do grow to corn
And how each flower is Wrought.

But ’tis not true­
This earth would have no word for us
Without we knew His heart, as broke for love of us
And loves, whate’er we do.

And there a-teachen we
Stands that old spire
A-gleamin’ in the sun
A-pointin’ where our hearts should be
And our thoughts should be
Like fire;
We must lift up our face
To God above
If we would find ‘Un nigh
And close at home in love
When sorrow comes
And sons are called to die
For right and liberty.

‘Tis then they parables
And them great Downs
Lying in peace around our door
Will heal and cure.
He’ll never mock us:
Nay He said “Aly peace I leave”
And his word standeth sure.