Suggested Examination for Senior Cambridge Candidates in War Time – Summer Term 1917

I. A solid maize meal scone, of volume 10 cubic centimeters, reclining at an angle of 90° on a plate of uniform thickness of 1 centimeter; find to the nearest minute:

(a) The time required to devour it.
(b) The time required to digest it.

II. A day’s allowance of bread, squared, is equal to the sum of the square of a week’s allowance of rice and one sausage.

III. The area of the maize pastry covering a circular vegetable pie is greater than that of the currants in an average oatmeal cake.

IV. If loaves of bread, lying on the same plate, have areas 16.20 square metres and 20.70 square metres respectively, find, to the nearest tenth of a minute, how long each loaf would last one person, on the present system of rationing.

V. Given a square oatmeal biscuit, reduce it to a triangular maize scone of equal area, and prove your construction is correct.

VI. A right circular scone was measured in such a way that the diameter of the base is known to contain between 16.2 grains and 16.3 grains, and the height between 27.5 and 27.6 inches; taking the area of one grain as 31416 Millimeters, find the volume of the scone taking

(a) The lesser dimensions
(b) The greater dimensions.

Give your answer in cubic grains, correct to seven places, and show how many grains are uneatable.