The General Knowledge Paper – Summer Term 1917

Although the School was let off ordinary written exams at the end of the Spring Term, the Lower IV. and upwards did not escape from a General Knowledge Paper. This time, the VI. Forms, whose General Knowledge, it was hoped, was beyond question, set the Paper, each member sending in five questions to Miss Bagnall, Miss Derrinian and Miss Steer, who picked out the 100 best. The questions were of all kinds, ranging from the name of the Prime Minister to the substance of Welsh rabbit. They were put upon the Notice-board as usual, so that everyone had a chance to find out the answers beforehand, but even then, people seemed to get into difficulties, as, in correcting the Papers, we found some very queer answers and curious spelling. The latest way of spelling the Prime Minister’s name is “Lody Geogre”, and it appears that even in Shakespeare’s day they suffered from the food problem, as the office of Food Controller was said to be held by Othello!