The Roll Of Honour – Christmas Term 1917

ABBOTT – December 23rd, 1917, Lieutenant Frank Abbott, H.M.S. Surprise, brother of Nell and May Abbott.
BARROW – ALEC BARROW, 2nd Lieutenant Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment, brother of Ursula Barrow.
BRIDGE – BRYAN BRIDGE, R.N.A.S., brother of Kathleen Bridge.
CARTWRIGHT – 2nd Lieutenant NIGEL CARTWRIGHT, Durham Light Infantry, brother of Mary Cartwright.
DE CARTERET – PHILTP DE CARTERET, H.M.S. Canopus, cousin of Miss Luce.HILL – BERESFORD W. HILL, killed in action, March 4th, 1917.
KINDER – RICHARD KINDER, Malay States Volunteers, brother of E. Kinder.
LUARD – ELMHURST LUARD, Norfolk Regiment, cousin of C. J. and J. Pears.
NICHOLSON – ALEC NICHOLSON, 48th Toronto Highlanders, cousin of J. and M. Osmond.
STOKES – HAROLD STOKES, Tank Corps, brother of U. Stokes.
WEBSTER – GODFREY WEBSTER, Grenadier Guards, cousin of C. Fletcher.
BROWN – Lieutenant E. F. MONTAGU BROWN, husband of Constance Margaret (nee Boyle), died of wounds, January 8th, 1918.
MORRICE – HUME RODERICK, Welsh Guards, killed in the brilliant charge and defence near Cambrai, December 1st, 1917.
WHATELY – Lieutenant PERCEVAL VIVIAN VICTOR WHATELY, aged 20, 179 Machine Gun Company, brother of Betty Whately, killed in action; December 27th, 1917, in defence of Jerusalem.
YEATMAN – Captain HARRY FARR YEATMAN, brother of Theophila Yeatman, Yeomanry, who has been killed in action, was the son of the late Commander H. F. Yeatman, R.N., of Stock Gaylard, Dorset, and nephew of the Bishop of Worcester. He had gone forward with half of his squadron to an advanced position where he had been under heavy fire all day, and in the afternoon had had to go back to his original position. He got his troop away safely during a counter­attack. When he himself had nearly reached his line he saw one of his wounded men and went to his help. At that moment he was shot. Captain Yeatman had done brilliant work against the Senussi and on another front and was to have been recommended for the Military Cross.
MORRICE – Killed in action on the 30th December, 1917, Captain William Walter Morrice, Wilts Regiment, attached Labour Corps, second son of Canon and Mrs. Morrice, St. Edmund’s Rectory, Salis­bury, and brother of Esther and Janet Morrice.
KNIGHT – Second-Leiutenant J. 0. Coldham Knight, killed January, 1918, The Queen’s Royal West Surrey Regiment, brother of Ruth N. Coldham Knight.
PARNELL – Killed December 1st, near Spephy, Mervyn E. Parnell, Captain and Adjutant in 36th Jacob’s Horse Indian Cavalry. Sniped from an aeroplane; brother of Juliet and Cicely Parnell,
HARRISON – Killed in action, July 31st, 1917, Second-Lieutenant Charles H. Harrison, Royal Field Artillery, brother of Helen and Cather­ine Harrison.
YORKE – December 27th, 1917, Captain J. H. L. Yorke,’ Pembroke Yeomanry, brother of Sophie York, killed in Palestine.