Western Canada – Christmas Term 1917

On December 3rd the Rev. Doctor Lloyd gave a very interesting lantern lecture in the school hall about Western Canada, where he has worked for many years. He is now visiting England to make an appeal to us to ” Keep Canada British and Christian.” Our help is badly needed, because the population includes few Britishers, and vast numbers of foreigners-French Canadians, Americans, people from every State in the world, many of whom hold low ideals and no religion. It is our duty, now that they are under our flag, to raise these people to our standards and to teach them Christianity. They will very soon be a powerful nation, and we must see that they are a united people, Christian and thoroughly loyal to the Empire.
Our best means of doing this is to provide the schools which are rapidly springing up with the best teachers we can possibly find.
The British Canadians have done their full share of the work and are doing it still. Their young men and women from college spend the long vacation teaching in little country schools, Dr. Lloyd’s sons and his daughter have all done so, Sir Robert Borden also served Canada in this way when he was a young man. Dr. Lloyd calls upon us in Eng­land to help them. He suggests that every year England should send one hundred young men and four hundred women, for women are especially wanted, to teach in the schools. His League of the Maple Leaf is intended to provide the money for sending candidates. The Canadian Government pay a liberal salary, so the money could soon be returned and another candidate sent out.
Dr. Lloyd’s lantern slides showed the little one-roomed schools which are built wherever there are nine children together, they also showed some larger schools in the towns. The scenery photographed on Dr. Lloyd’s journey up a large river in a canoe was very beautiful, The Prairies looked flat and very lonely, but no doubt they have a beauty of their own when one knows them well. British Columbia must be a wonderful province, Dr. Lloyd described it as Switzerland on a larger scale. There is certainly every inducement to young British men and women to brave hardship and go out and work for such a land.