Examination Successes – Spring Term 1918

In the Pianoforte Examination Associated Board of the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music, Marjorie Cole passed with 114 marks in the. Higher Division: Florence Taylor passed the Elementary Division with 106 marks, and Daphne Leys with 103. Pass marks 100.­ Pupils of Miss Ward. 

Senior Cambridge Examination

Honours Class IIIA. (first half of Class III)
Mary Cartwright, Distinction in Mathematics and French.
Honours – Class IIIB. (Second half of Class III).
Helen Poynton.
Passed A. First half of “Passes.” Order of Merit.
Georgina Bacchus.
Vera Leys.
Irene Usher.
Peggie Du Buisson.
Sheila Dimsey.
Margaret Du Buisson.
Phoebe Blunt, Distinction in History.
May Osmond.
Passed B. Muriel Harris.
Mollie Collins.
Joyce Carter.