Fawcett House – Spring Term 1918

Last term was the last term of Mrs. Everett being a present member of the Godolphin School. When I think of her as one who came to the School soon after I did; of being, the Head Girl of the School; of her being with me helping me in School House : and then of her years Is Head of Fawcett House, you will not be surprised that I want, through the pages of the Magazine, to call upon all past and present members of the School to give her our heartfelt thanks for all she has done to help the School, and to give her and General Everett once more our very best wishes for their happiness in the future.

I have appointed Miss Westlake to be Head of Fawcett House, and I know she is entering on this new phase of her Godolphin work with all the very best wishes of the School, and Fawcett House will feel completely and happily at home with her. In consequence of this, and with many regrets, she has had to give up the Gymnasium work and Games after very many years of happy days in the “gym,” and on the School Playground, and in this she will be greatly missed; but the whole School is determined to go forward with Miss Dewey’s help, and she and the girls are resolved to make the games and the marching and the gymnasium work the best that it can possibly be.