Games – Spring Term 1918



1st Round of the “knock out” House Matches:

Sarum beat Fawcett, 2 goals to 1. Methuen beat Hamilton, 4 to 3. Nelson beat St. Margaret’s, 3 to 1.

2nd Round: ­

Nelson beat Methuen, 11 to nil. Sarum beat School, 5 to 1.

Final Round:­

Nelson beat Sarum, 1 to 3.

A good team game was played by both Houses, and it was a pleasure to watch. Both deserved victory on the day’s play.

Nelson played consistently well throughout the Matches, and Sarum would have been stronger in the long ran if their team play had been better.

Many good players are leaving this year, but there are many promising ones left to keep up the standard of play set by the last year’s Captains and others before them.

In March a Picked XII, played a team of Old Girls, and beat them by 8 goals to 2.

Old Girls XII:

D. Cooper, P. D. Wilson, C. P. D. Powney. 3rd M.-C. Ashford, R. and L. D.L. Jackson, B. Ashford, C. M. Holmes.

Attacks: K. Ellis, D. Ashford, M. Jackson, P. Clarke and Miss Harris.

1st XII

Defences: M. Chilton, S. Wotton (Capt.), M. Figgis, D. Fanner, V. Greene, P. Du Buisson, C. N. Figgis. Attacks: G. Bacchus, H. Phillimore, P. Wood, G. Rigden, G. Taylor.

A return match was played later, and the result was a draw-4 all. Seven changes were made in the picked team to give others a chance of playing:

Frood, C. Fletcher, V. Leys, M. Du Buisson, J. Carter, P. Kempe and M. Thursby played.

The 1st XII was the original Picked XII., except that J. Carter was in instead of G. Bacchus. These were considered the best team players.



Now we have seven Houses competing, it was necessary to re-arrange our House Matches. We agreed there should be five rounds. The Houses drawn to play, and one House standing out each round. The two Houses coming out top to play a final.


St. Margaret’s beat School House by an innings. For St. Margaret’s, B. Medlicott made 27; P. Du Buisson, 1.7; L. Taylor, 15 not out. For School House, G. May, 13; N. Somerville, 13.

Sarum­ beat Fawcett by 26 runs. For Sarum, J. Carter made 37; V. Leys, 26. For Fawcett, V. Greene, 15.

Nelson beat Methuen by an innings. For Nelson, M. Eppstein, 52; G. Taylor, 69 not out; D. Hinds, 17 not out.


Sarum beat Hamilton by an innings. For Sarum, D. Fanner made 81; R. Fawcett, 17.

St. Margaret’s beat Methuen by an innings. For St. Margaret’s, B. Medlicott made 15; J. de Coetlogon, 36; P. Du Buisson, 67; M. Du Buisson, 22.

Nelson beat Fawcett in the first innings by 57 runs. For Nelson, G. Taylor, 16; N. Figgis, 35. For Fawcett, V. Greene, 20.

3RD Round:

Sarum beat Methuen by an innings and 74 runs. For Sarum, J. Carter made 80; M. Harris,16. For Methuen, M. Dalston 11; M. Johnston, 12.

Nelson beat School by 165 runs. For Nelson, G. Taylor made 58; G. May, 17 for School.

Fawcett beat Hamilton by an innings and 38 runs. For Fawcett, V. Greene, 33; H. Poynton, 23; I. Usher, 16, For Hamilton, M. Thursby, 18.


Fawcett beat St. Margaret’s by two wickets. For Fawcett, H. Phillimore made 21 not out; I. Usher, 10. For St. Margaret’s, B. Medlicott made 16 and 19; P. Du Buisson, 24; K. Beach, 10; J. Colbeck, 10.

Sarum beat School by four wickets. For School House, G. Bacchus made 17 runs; M. Stringer, 13; N. Somerville, 13 and 24. For Sarum, J. Carter, 13 and 17; V. Leys, 17; R. Fawcett, 21.

Nelson beat Hamilton by an innings and 82 runs. For Nelson, D. Hinds made 71; M. Allan, 17. For Hamilton, P. Wilson, 12.


School beat Methuen by 10 wickets. For School, G. Bacchus 18; P. Wood, 11. For Methuen, M. Dalston, 14.

St. Margaret’s beat Hamilton by 62 runs. For St. Margaret’s B. Medlicott made 36 and P Du Buisson 21 runs.


Nelson beat Sarum by an innings and 76 runs. They were decidedly the better team. Their fielding was good all round. For Sarum, J. Carter. made 12; V. Leys, 10; and M. Harris, R. Fawcett and E. Carter were good in the field. For Nelson, M. Eppstein made 80; G. Taylor, 55; M. Chilton, 1.3 not out.

On the whole, the Cricket has been good throughout the School. The batting has much improved, and the fielding is decidedly good all round.

The Captains have taken great trouble with their teams and Houses generally, and I believe we have all enjoyed the Cricket this year.

On July 18th, the 1st XL planed a match against Old Girls who were in the neighbourhood and able to play. The XI. won by an innings and 66 runs, The Old Girls had a good XL, but they were all so out of practice; and that is bound to tell in batting. Everyone seemed to enjoy playing. For the School G. Taylor made 44 and P. Du Buisson, 26.

1st XI: E. Taylor (Capt.). V. Greene, P. Wood, P. Du Buisson, J. Carter, S. Wotton, V. Leys, M. Eppstein, D. Hinds, B. Medlicott, J. de Coetlogon.

The Throwing Competition was won by:­

Senior – M. Eppstein, 52yds. 7in.

Junior – D. Fanner, 49yds. 2ft. 6in. (last year’s winner); 2, M. Allan, 49yds.

The Running Cup was won by G. Taylor (Nelson), with an average of 47. She has batted consistently well throughout the season.

It is with the greatest regret I leave my job as Games and Gymnastic Mistress in the School, after all. these years. I enjoyed my games and classes with all you Old Girls and with you Present Girls, too.


N.B. Miss Westlake will be House Mistress of Fawcett House next Term.




1st SIXES                                                    2nd SIXES.

Rounds. Matches.                         Rounds. Matches

Nelson ……………….. 5         34      Nelson ………… 6           43

Sarum ………………… 4         30      Sarum …………….4          29

Fawcett ……………… 4         26      School ………… 3           28

School ……………….. 4         24      *Fawcett ……… 3           18

St. Margaret’s ………. 3         22    §St. Margaret’s… 3         18

Hamilton …………….. 1         11      Hamilton …….. 1           13

Methuen ……………. 0           6      Methuen …….. 0            4

* Fawcett, 47 Sets. – St. Margaret’s, 43

Nelson have done very well, especially their 2nd Six, who won against every House. Their 1st Six lost once against Fawcett, so Fawcett are to be congratulated on beating the winning House.


1st Six.


  1. G. Taylor, P. Seal
  2. S. Wotton, M. Eppstein
  3. M. Allan, M. Chilton


  1. V. Leys, P. Kempe.
  2. J. Elling J, Carter.
  3. M. Collins, D. Gubbins


  1. I. Usher, H. Phillimore.
  2. A. Paton, V. Greene.
  3. C. Squire, M. Ashford.


  1. P. Wood, G. Bacchus.
  2. M. Stringer, S. Robertson
  3. P. Lee, N. Somerville.

St. Margaret’s:­

  1. P. Du Buisson, J. de Coetlogon
  2. B. Medlicott, K. Beach.
  3. E. Douglas, F. M. Williams


  1. M. Thursby, G. Chambers.
  2. H. Wethered, M. Traf3ord
  3. P. Wilson, M. Panting


  1. M. Bennet, B. Bisdee
  2. M. Dalston, E. Muir.
  3. B. Mules, V. Job.

2nd SIXES.

Nelson :­

  1. D. Hinds, N. Figgis.
  2. M. Ilbert, G. Farnfield.
  3. H. Finch, B. Davies.


  1. R. Fawcett, M. Leys.
  2. E. Carter, T. Moon.
  3. P. Gubbins, M. Luckham.


  1. B. Buxton, J. Carey.
  2. A. Johnson, H. Poynton.
  3. M. Stow, K. Birkett.

School :­

  1. F. Pinckney, G. May.
  2. S. Lister, F. de Jersey.
  3. J. Morley R. Taylor.

St. Margaret’s:­

  1. M. Du Buisson, J. Gunner.
  2. J. Douglas, L. Taylor
  3. B. Du Buisson, J. Beach.


  1. F. Wethered, M. Perkin.
  2. S. Chennells, J. Hepburn
  3. C. Esdail, N. Davis.


  1. M. Walker, U. Luker.
  2. N. Cox, M. Johnston.
  3. V. Arnold, D. Warry.



  1. Mr. Douglas, Miss Westlake.
  2. Miss Pinckney, Miss C. Ashford
  3. Miss Suffield, Miss Rigden.


  1. V. Leys, P. Wood.
  2. G. Taylor, P. Seal.
  3. G. Bacchus. P. Kempe.

The Staff won 6 matches to 3 matches. But School did better than they have ever done before, as they won 2 matches off Miss Suffield and Miss Rigden and 1 match off Mr. Douglas and Miss Westlake. We also played a 2nd Six this year.


  1. Mr. Bayley, Miss Coombs.
  2. Miss Gilman, Miss Alcock.
  3. Miss Chawner, Miss Cranmer.

SCHOOL 2nd Six

  1. J. Elling, P. Du Buisson.
  2. L. Usher, H. Phillimore.
  3. J. de Cotelogon, M. Thursby.

School won 8 matches to 1, so School won on the whole match by 11 matches to 7.

 The Championship was won by Vera Leys for the second year in succession. Gertrude Taylor put up a good fight in the semi-final, the score being 6-2, 3-6, 6-2. In the final Peggy Wood played very well, and the match was a very good one. The score was 4-6, 6-0, 6-4. The play was the best that has so far taken place at the School, the strokes, the placing and the serving being of a higher standard and much more what it ought to be. Vera Leys put in just the extra effort required at 4 all in the final set, and won a well-deserved victory.

The Second Sixteen was won by Mary Eppstein, who beat Betty Medlicott in the final 6-4, 6-4. Betty Medlicott has a very nice style, and should be well up amongst the first girls next Summer.

The “Lines” Cup, presented by Mrs. Leys to the House whose courts were kept marked out best during the Term, ended in a tie between School and Sarum. They are to be congratulated on a very fine performance. The other Houses, well, perhaps the less said about them the better.