Help to Belgian Soldiers’ Fund – Spring Term 1918


We have received with very great pleasure your cheque for £7, which you have sent us as a further contribution to the Help to Belgian Soldiers’ Fund from the Staff and Pupils of your school.

The gift is particularly welcome just now, as we are sending out a large number of Christmas parcels and it may interest the generous contributors to know that their gift will enable us to brighten the Christmas of 35 Belgian soldiers at the Front, each of whom will receive a pot of jam, a tin of potted meat, cigarettes, soap, a pair of hand-knitted socks, a handkerchief and some little gift, such as a penknife, game, metal looking-glass, pipe, letter-case, &c.

Will you very kindly convey to all the good friends of the Belgian soldiers at the Godolphin School the expression of our most cordial thanks for their generosity and their continued interest in our work?

Yours faithfully,

N. CHALMERS, Secretary.


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