Jottings from the School Diary – Spring Term 1918


THURSDAY, JANUARY 17TH – School re-opened. Miss Douglas welcomed us back to school. She then gave a special welcome and her best wishes to General and Mrs. Everett (Miss Wyld). Mrs. Everett rose to thank us all for the hearty clap we gave them. Miss Douglas told us that the new Matron is Miss McCroben, and that Miss Carroll has come to help with the drawing. She then read the prizes, and gave an address on being “Children of Light.” She told us that we must always strive for light, and that there must be no dark corner in our houses, our homes, or our school.

List of Removes:
M. Trafford to Lower Special VI.; M. Bennet to Upper V.; M. Pettinger to Lower V.; A. J. Preston to Lower VB.; M. Middleditch to Upper IVA.; A. B. Salisbury to III.

The new girls:
Sarum House – J. Etherington, Lower VI., M. Etherington, Upper V., E. Gibbs, Special V., E. Bereton, Lower VI., B. Gibbs, Upper N., B. D. Knight and S. Tuckey, III., M. Chubb, II.
Fawcett House – A. Johnson, Lower VB.
Hamilton House – J. Hepburn, Lower VB., R. King, Upper IVA., C. Dyke, II.

MONDAY, JANUARY 21ST – Miss Gillman and Miss Hancock gave us very interesting accounts of the Mission Treat.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 2ND – There were “Ration Parties ” in each of the Houses (except Nelson, which was in quarantine for measles). A certain number of girls from each House exchanged with another. Games and competitions took place after tea, and an enjoyable evening was spent.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 5TH – The Hall was lent by Miss Douglas to the Wilts War Agricultural Committee for a very interesting meeting, on the need of girls for work on the land. The elder girls were allowed to go to it.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH – From two o’clock till three, Dr. Alcock kindly coached us in the songs for the singing competition. From 3.15 till 4.15 the Old Girls’ match took place. The School was allowed to watch for a part of the time. M. Holmes captained the Old Girls, and S. Wotton, the Present Girls.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH – Miss Douglas very kindly gave us a party. We assembled in the School Hall after supper and played games.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12TH – Dr. Alcock coached us for the second time. In the evening, Miss Douglas gave a party to the Staff.

ASH WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH – Miss Douglas spoke a few words to us at Morning Prayers about ” Love.” We went to the Cathedral for Evensong.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH – Mr. Robins, the Organising Secretary for the S.P.G. in this Diocese, told us of the great importance of S.P.G. work.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17TH – Mr. Kricorian, an Armenian teacher, came to tell us of his country’s need and trouble. He showed us interesting slides of Egypt, the Holy Land and his own country.

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18TH – There was a sale of Armenian work in the gymnasium. About £19 was realised for that suffering country.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH – Archdeacon Dundas came to tale our first Lent service. He talked to us about God, the great Reality, the Eternal Truth.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH – Canon Myers took our second Lent service. He told us to try and carry the presence of God with us all through the day, and to do everything to His glory.

TUESDAY, MARCH 5TH – The great Salisbury War Bond week began. The whole school went down to the Market Square to see the Tank in the afternoon.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6TH – Archdeacon Dundas came to take our third Lent service. He emphasised the great fact, the Being of God. In these times God has begotten us again. It is a time of re-construc­tion. The moral deadness is to be overcome by Christ. In the evening Miss Lucy took several of the VI. Form to see a ” Demonstration of the Working of a Kindergarten Church Sunday School ” at St. Mark’s Day School.

FRIDAY, MARCH 8TH – Miss Douglas and the Form Mistresses chose about 50 girls to do “War work.” The Secretary of the Salisbury Food Control Committee had asked Miss Douglas if we could help with the difficult task that had been set, that of writing out many thousands of food and meat cards for the inhabitants of Salisbury. War work was done instead of lessons on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday by a number of girls from Upper Forms.

SATURDAY, MARCH 9TH – At 3 o’clock, the second match between the Old and Present Girls was played. The teams were slightly altered, but were captained by the same people. At 5.45 Miss Ward and Miss Alcock gave a delightful concert to the School in the Hall.

MONDAY, MARCH, 11TH – Archdeacon Dundas took our fourth Lent Service. In the afternoon some of the mistresses took parties of the girls to see several of the beautiful gardens in and near the Close.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13TH – The majority of the School went to hear an excellent concert in the Town, given by Plunkett Green and Sybil Eaton. The others went for a walk to Old Sarum.

MONDAY, MARCH 18TH – M. Dalston, C. Fletcher, M. Chilton and M. Eppstein went up to Oxford for Scholarship Examinations, and V. Hinkley went up for Responsions. At 7.30 Mr. Fellowes-Wilson gave us a delightful lantern lecture on the Navy: (See Special Notice.)

FRIDAY, MARCH 22ND – A most beautiful Confirmation Service for the Godolphin Candidates took place in the Cathedral Choir.

Confirmation Candidates:­
School House – M. Wood, R. Taylor. E. Birney, N. Somerville.
Sarum House – M. Waters, P. Collins, J. Buckle.
St. Margaret’s – C. Malony, E. Palo-rave, B. Douglas, J. Colbeck, P. Malony, M. Luckham, L. Taylor.
Nelson House – B. Davies, S. Holborow, M. Ilbert, M. Allan, P. Savage.
Fawcett House – C. Harrison, M. Pettinger, P. Stow, L. Lock, C. Squire.
Hamilton House – E. White, V. Arnold, G. Chambers, S. Chennells.
Methuen House – B. Bisdee, B. Jenks. Glenside. N. Cox.

SATURDAY, MARCH 23RD – The School assembled in the Hall at 9.30 to hear the programme for the day, then broke up into parties and spent a delightful half-hour enjoying English Literature. At 11.30 Mr. Stevens gave us a most interesting and amusing lecture on Milford Hill as it was thousands of years ago. (See Special Notice.) At 4.30 Dr. Alcock very kindly came to judge the singing. The shield was won by Nelson House. Methuen House came in a good second. In the evening Miss Mixer’s Harmony Class gave a most enjoyable concert of English music.

MONDAY, MARCH 25TH – Mark Reading.

The Cloak Room Picture was won by Lower IV. with only one mark lost.

The Form Room Cup was won by Lower VI., Lower Special VI., Special V., Lower VB. and Upper IVA. with no marks lost.

Finished Books-Upper V. was best with 74 per cent., Lower VI., being second with 73 per cent.

Lacrosse Pins were won by P. Wood, H. Phillimore, J. Carter, M. Chilton, V. Greene, G. Taylor, G. Rigden, D. Fanner, N. Figgis, and M. Figgis.

Red Girdles were won by:

H. Phillimore, V. Greene, G. May, U. Luker,
K. Birkett, M. Walters, M. Ilbert and M. Kingdon.

A Junior Red Girdle was won by C. Fraser.

The Form Red Girdle Cup was won by Upper VL with 70 per cent. The Junior Red Girdle Picture was won by the Third Form with 23 per cent.

Miss Douglas gave us a holiday wish and a word for these critical times. She told us to keep calm, cheery, strong and steadfast, and to be willing to endure anything that is necessary to bring great good out of the sacrifice that is being made for us. She then gave a special message to the leaving girls. She hoped that their lives would be packed as full as possible with usefulness and service, and that they should take up the work they were most fitted for, not the thing that appeared most attractive for the moment.

The Leaving Girls:­

School House – C. Fletcher and N. Clive-Smith from Upper VI.; S. Hope-Johnstone from Lower Special VI.
Sarum House – D. Bingham and G. Rigden from Lower Special VI.; K. Gordon-Duff from Upper IVA,
Nelson House – P. Savill from Upper IVA.
Fawcett House.   F. Frood and N. Lewarne from Lower VT.; N. Preece from Upper Special VI.; H. Duboura from Lower Special VI.
Hamilton House – M. Fairclough from Lower Special VI.


THURSDAY, APRIL 25TH – School re-opened. Miss Douglas spoke to us inspiringly of St. George and of the allegorical meaning underlying the legends which have grown up round him. She told us that, like St. George of old, we had to take up the sword to fight against our “dragons” in order to make the world a better place.

Mademoiselle Caron has taken Mademoiselle Cornellie’s Place, Miss Carroll is to take Matron’s place, and as Mr. George is still ill, Dr. Alcock has kindly promised to undertake his work.

New Prefects:­

Prefect of Fawcett House – H. Phillimore. Prefect of Lower Special VL-M. Waters.

The New Girls:­

School House – J. Morley, Special V.; E. Fagan, Lower VB.; and F. de Jersey, Lower IV.

Sarum House – M. Pleydell-Bouverie, Upper V.; M. Dodd, Lower IV.; and G. Waters, III.

Margaret’s – C. Thicknesse, Lower IV.

Nelson House – J. Cartwright, Lower IV.

Fawcett House – D. Percy-Jones, Special V.; M. Burnett, Lower VA.; B. Collins, Lower VB.; and R. Bloxam, III.

Methuen House – H. Dickenson, Special V.

MONDAY, APRIL 29TH – Miss Douglas told us plans for “War ­work,” in the shape of concerts and acting, this term, and a Sale of Work next. We do our own mowing now, and throughout the week Brookes instructed us in the art of mowing Properly.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 8TH  – We went to the first of a series of Orchestral Concerts, and enjoyed ourselves immensely. (See Special Notice.)

THURSDAY, MAY 9TH – Ascension Day. Those who had been Con­firmed began the day by going to the early Celebration at St. Martin’s. The Railway Authorities gave us permission to travel to Wishford by train, so that we again spent glorious Ascension Day in the Woods. (See Special Notice.)

THURSDAY, MAY 16TH.-A second series of ” Ration Parties ” took place in each of the Houses. Cricket and tennis matches and sports featured amongst the, amusements.

SATURDAY, MAY 18TH – Methuen House acted a delightful original play to the School in the Hall. A silver collection was taken at the doors for a “Games” Shoes Fund for Elementary Schools. (See Special Notice.)

THURSDAY, MAY 23RD – Form Picnics. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed herself, in spite of the bad weather.

FRIDAY, MAY 24TH – The whole School went to the Market Square to celebrate Empire Day. We heard some stirring addresses given to a very large gathering of the citizens of Salisbury, as well as to sections of the Troops. We also saw General Sclater presenting medals to a number of our soldiers for gallant services rendered for their country at the Front.

THURSDAY, MAY 30TH – There were rehearsals of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and the French play. Several Houses went for expeditions.

FRIDAY, MAY 31ST – There was a dress rehearsal of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in Lady Sclater’s garden.

MONDAY, JUNE 3RD – The first instalment of girls from the Elemen­tary Schools came to play Rounders in the grounds. Boys and girls come several evenings a week after our games’ time, for cricket and rounders.

THURSDAY, JUNE 6TH – There were Rehearsals in the afternoon. Mr. Robertson very kindly came to take “The Service of Song” at 8 o’clock. Miss Harding conducted.

MONDAY, JUNE 10TH – Canon and Mrs. Veazy came down from London to see the School. Canon Veazy gave us a most stirring account of our Mission. (See Special Notice.)

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12TH – A party of about 19 girls went to Britford for haymaking.

Some of the younger ones went to the Cinematograph to see a series of interesting pictures of the Boy Scout Movement.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19TH – We all went to the Fete in Lady Sclater’s garden, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” was splendid. (See Special Notice.) THURSDAY. JUNE 20TH.  A round of cricket matches was layed off.

The Houses sitting out played a Cricket Tournament.

FRIDAY, JUNE 21ST – The Second, Third and Lower TV. Forms’ original plays were acted in the Hall to an enthusiastic audience. (See Special Notice.)

We were very glad to hear that S. Wotton had passed the second part of her Entrance Examination into Girton.

MONDAY, JUNE 24TH – The scenes from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” were re-acted, but this time on the Old Pitch. There was quite a large audience, and over £10 was taken at the gate. Every member of the cast, from Theseus to the tiniest fairy, acted her part beautifully.

TUESDAY, JUNE 25TH – Several girls began doing “Food Books” for the Salisbury Food Office. This work continued throughout the week, instead of ordinary lessons, for the girls chosen.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26TH – The March Playing Competition took place at 8 o’clock. Miss Westlake and Miss Awdry very kindly judged. U. Luker won the Picture, and N. Figuis was second. We all wish to congratulate Methuen very heartily on winning their first honour.

THURSDAY, JUNE 27TH – The Staff v. School Tennis Match took place. This year there were six couples playing on either side, instead of three.

MONDAY, JULY 1ST – M. Chilton, V. Hinkley and H. Phillimore went up to Oxford for their Entrance Examinations.

Sarum House has moved its sitting-room to the old Second Form room, once the Junior cloakroom. It is a very sunny room, and all were delighted at the change.

MONDAY, JULY 8TH – We heard that V. Hinkley, M. Chilton and H. Phillimore had passed Responsions.

TUESDAY, JULY 9TH – A choir was chosen to sing for the Country Dances at Mrs. Forbes’ Fete.

THURSDAY, JULY 11TH – The Reading Competition results were read at Prayers. Nelson House won the Picture, and Fawcett House was a close second.

FRIDAY, JULY 12TH – The Throwing Competition took place.

SATURDAY, JULY 13TH – There were sports on the grounds, organised by Miss Westlake, who was assisted by the Games Captains. We spent a lovely afternoon running team races, jumping, and taking part in other competitions, and we do want to thank Miss Westlake for getting it up. School House won the most points.

MONDAY, JULY 15TH – The first performance of the French Play was acted in the School Hall. (See Special Notice.)

TUESDAY, JULY 16TH – The second performance of the French Play took place.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 17TH – A number of our girls were to have taken part in a Pageant in Mrs. Forbes’ garden, but the weather was so bad that an outdoor performance was out of the question.

THURSDAY, JULY 18TH – A Team of Old Girls, captained by Miss Ashford, played a Picked XI.

FRIDAY, JULY 19TH – As Miss Douglas was ordered by her doctors to leave us on Saturday, much to our disappointment, we assembled at 12.30 in the Hall, and she presented us with certain cups and trophies, and then said a few words of farewell to those leaving this Term, and mentioned them by name. We are sorry to lose Miss Ashford and Miss Wallich from amongst the Mistresses.

The Leaving Girls are:­
School House – S. Lister, S. Robertson and P. Lee.
Sarum House – J. Carter, R. Fawcett; V. Hinkley, P. Blunt, D. Fanner; M. Collins; M. Waters, M. Cochrane and S. Tuckey.
St. Margaret’s – P. Du Buisson and E. Douglas.
Nelson House – P. Seal, S. Wotton, M. Chilton, M. Eppstein and G T,tylor.
Fawcett House – V. Greene and R. Bloxam.
Hamilton House – P. Scott and F. Wethered.
Methuen House – M. Dalston.
Glenside – E. Muir.

Senior Red Girdles were won by:

M Trafford, E. Douglas, D. Dome, H. Wethered, F. Fague, M. Bennet, R. Taylor, D. Gubbins, S. Holborow, M. Stow, B. Davies, I. Moon, J. Elling, M. Massey, C. Harrison, F. Monier-Williams, B. Douglas, M. Leys, P. Lee, M. Panting and M. Rouquette.

M. Cochrane, N. Broadbent, D. Josselyn, C. Silverthorne. J. Syfret, J. Fisher.

Senior Reading Badges were won by: -M. Ashford, G. Bacchus, A. Beevor, K. Birkett, J. Carey, J. Douglas, D. Douie, F. Fagge, V. Greene. V. Hinkley, P. Lee, L. Lock, S. Robertson, M. Rouquette and P. Scott,

Junior:-M. Bouverie, F. Denny, M. Dodd, E. Fagan, C. Fraser, D. Hesketh, J. Hyatt and F. de Jersey.

Cricket Colours were won by: – P. Du Buisson, V. Leys, S. Wotton, P. Wood, J. Carter, B. Medlicott. M. Eppstein, D. Hinds and J. de Coetlogon.

The Running Cup was won by G. Taylor.

The Tennis Cup was won by Nelson House.

The Red Girdle Cup was won by Upper VI., with 75 per cent., and the Junior Red Girdle Picture was won by the Third Form.

Finished Books – Upper V. was best with 83 per cent., and Upper Special VI. second with 80 per cent.

In the afternoon the Tennis Championship Finals were played off.

SATURDAY – The School Tennis Team played in a Tournament, very kindly arranged by Miss Pinckney, and spent a thoroughly enjoy­able afternoon. Most of the School went to the Sale and, Pageant in Mrs. Forbes’ garden. The maypole dance was very pretty. At 8 o’clock there was a third performance of the French Play. We wish to thank Mademoiselle Marchau for taking such endless pains over it.

MONDAY, JULY 22ND – Instead of the End of Term Dance (which has been given up for several years now because of the war) we had 8-niinute “wanders” with people. As it was wet, “Wanders” were in the School, and we spent a most amusing time from 7.45 till 9.

TUESDAY, JULY 23RD – The End of Term Concert took place, this time an entrance fee of one shilling was charged. The proceeds went to Lady Hulse’s Club.

WEDNESDAY, JULY 24TH – Mark Reading: Miss Bagnall presented the few remaining trophies and read the list of removes.
Form Tidy Cup was won by Upper Vi., Lower V., Special V. and Upper Special VL, with no marks lost.
The Cloakroom Picture was won by Upper NB.
The Gardening Picture was won by School House with 98 per cent.
The Lines Cup, so kindly presented by Mrs. Leys, was won by Sarum and School.
The Championship was won by V. Leys, P. Wood getting the Picture.
The Second Sixteen Picture was won, by M. Eppstein.
Brooches were won by the following: – P. Seal; G. Bacchus and J.Elling