Methuen’s Play – Spring Term 1918

Some of us saw Methuen’s play when it was acted the first time privately last Term, but in spite of the glowing accounts of it which these favoured few gave us, our expectations were more than fulfilled on Saturday. May 11th, when the “Castle of Dreams” was performed again in the Hall for the whole School.

As Basil and Elaine slept we were allowed to enter into their dreams, and journey with the Prince along the great white road of adventure, until after many thrilling experiences, we came with him to the Fairy Princess in the Castle of Dreams. Here we witnessed the final dis­comfiture of the witch Megatharub and her accomplice the dwarf Serapha, whose marvelous laugh infected us to such a degree that it was rather wonderful that between us we did not rouse Basil and Elaine.

The orchestra and the scenery, skillfully arranged by the stage managers, completed the delightful whole.

We all wish to congratulate Methuen House on the splendid debut they have made on the Godolphin Stage.

S. LISTER (Upper VI.)
M. ROSE (Upper V.)