The French Play -Spring Term 1918

Three performances of Molieres play, “Les Femmes Savantes,’ were given in the School Hall at the end of the Summer Term. Mdlle. Marchau was coach, stage-manager and prompter, and the performance certainly reflected the greatest credit on her work.

The scene was laid in a Louis Quatoize drawing-room-a most artistic setting for the comedy-one which transformed the platform out of all knowledge. The dresses of the actors were charming, many lovely old ones being lent by relations and friends of the girls. Phila­minte’s was of a wonderful deep red velvet, and Belise’s was of a sea­green satin. The actors themselves were very good, and so natural that we almost forgot that they were girls we meet every day, and that they were not the characters they assumed. Belise spoke in a high squeaky voice, and looked her part exactly, and Chrysale, the hen­

pecked husband of the Amazon-like Philaminte, was most amusing.

Altogether the School spent most enjoyable evenings, but it was disappointing that there were not larger audiences, for which the weather was largely responsible. The thanks of the School are due to Mdlle. Marchau, who gave us all a most delightful time.

  2. DOUIE – Lower VI



Chrysale – P. Wood.                       Trissotin – P. Seal.

Philaminte – M. Bouverie.              Vadius – A. Johnson.

Armande – L. Taylor.                       Martine – K. Pollock.

Henriette – E. Palgrave.                  Lepine – J. Preston.

Ariste – D. Gubbins.                        Julien – J. Hyatt.

Belise – M. Chilton.                        Un, Notaire – M. Rouquette.

Clitandre – S. Wotton.