The Garden and Palace of Alkinoos – Spring Term 1918

Then spake Nausika, the fair, and said
“Come, I will lead thee to my father’s home,
Where then shalt rest thy weary limbs awhile,
Before to Ithaka then mayest roam.”

So saying, she led Ulysses through a gate:
But there he stood bewildered and amaz’d.
He saw a garden fairer far than aught
On which his wondering eyes had ever gaz’d.

For where dark olives in abundance grew.
Rich purple grapes with them were intertwined.
Apples and figs and pomegranates and dates,
And many a fruit, each fairest of its kind.

The fairest gems of all the earth lie saw.
A thousand flowers of every different hue.
The yellow blossoms growing with the pink.
The palest purple, with the deepest blue.

The wonder of it filled his Longing soul.
And in this magic place he fain, would stay.
But fair Nausika still urged him on
Until her father’s palace stopped their way.

She ope’d the door and led the wand’rer in
“Maiden, where hast thou brought me?” he did cry.
“Surely this is no home of mortal man.
Surely then art a goddess from on high!”

The walls were hung with plates of glistening gold,
And round the ceil a purple cornice went.
Many rich stuffs from every land were there.
And many a jewel rare, and ornament.

Yet his soul pin’d for fair Penelope.
And in this place, he could not make long stay,
But hid the sunshine, of the garden fair
Deep in his soul to cheer him on his way.