The Lower School Plays – Spring Term 1918

The members of the Junior Literary Society write plays every year, which they act in the Summer Term. This year they were acted on Friday, June 21st.

There was quite a large number of visitors present, including Miss Douglas and Lady Hulse.

The Second Form acted their play first. It was written by Betty Bush, and was remarkably good, considering not one of the actors was above the age of eleven. The play was called “The Hidden Treasure,” and was very amusing.

The Third Form’s play was written by Helen Douglas and Joyce Rhodes. It was called “Measles and the Fairies.” It was about three unfortunate girls who had measles at school and were very dull, when the fairies take them to fairyland, where they have a most delightful time. The costumes were splendid, and the actors were very real and fairylike.

Then came the Lower Fourth. Our play was historical, and it was written by Jocelyne Syfret, Kathleen Neale and Rhoda Wort. It was called “The Training of Sir Tancred of Sicily.” It was very well written indeed. The story was about a knight who was brought up with a certain duke, who afterwards fought and died with him in a Crusade.

All the plays were a great success and the visitors said they enjoyed them very much.

M. DODD (Lower IV.).


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