U.G.S.M. Settlement – Spring Term 1918


I am delighted to be able to tell you that Ethel Mills has kindly undertaken the U.G.S.M. treasurership for our O.G.A. I hope we shall welcome her by a “bumper” subscription list this year for, after Miss Douglas’s appeal, I don’t need to add a word to bring home the serious straits in which our Settlement now is.

Of course, all subscriptions should have been sent to the Secretaries long before this, but if there are any outstanding ones (and one, sometimes hears of many disregarded postcard appeals from group secretaries) please send at once.

One or two group secretaries still send direct to Miss Low. She kindly tells me of some, but about one or two I can get no information. It will make things much easier and clearer if all group secretaries will please send their group subscriptions as soon as possible to the Treasurer:


And if any group secretary is obliged to give up her work, please let the Treasurer know at once the name and address of your successor.