Letter From Miss Jones

Spring Term 1915

Spray Cottage, St. James’, Cape Colony, January 21st, 1915.


This is a Godolphin Tea Party, and we all send you our love and best wishes for the New Year, to yourself and the old School. We shall sign our names first – and show who we are – and the letter can come afterwards. We are, your loving Ethel Jones, Morley Ralph, Thirza Pearce, Doris Lenton, Dorothy Woodhead, May Robb, Agnes Robb, Pera Robb, Doris Syfret, Dorothy Wright, Audrey Currey, Joyce Guillemard.

Miss Ralph has just come for a few days before going to her new work at St. Cyprian, Cape Town. Thyrza is teaching music at Paarl, a place on the glorious Hex River Valley. Doris Lenton’s time in Cordwalles, Natal, is nearly up, and she is due home next October. Doris Syfret is staying in Simonstown, where they have martial law. Gladys Syfret could not manage to come to-day. Audrey Currey is wearing her red tie and Old Girls’ badge.

Joyce Guillemard arrived from England this morning; isn’t it sporting of her to come ? We all seize upon her for the latest news. Molly and Dot Jenkins could not manage to come. We are so sorry. We all send you our love and best wishes for the term and the year 1915.

Sarum House Old Girls

Spring Term 1915

More help is wanted in the Red Cross Hospital Kitchen. Kitchenmaids and Charge Cooks are wanted. Hours 9a.m. till 3p.m., or, 3pm, till 8.30 p.m. Please write to Mrs. Bardsley, The Close, or to Miss Wyld, Fawcett House, stating definite days and hours you can work. Help offered must be regular. This is important.


Spring Term 1915

LACROSSE – February 20th – Sarum beat Nelson by 4 goals to 3.

Sarum’s defence was very good, especially H. Williams. Nelson did not combine very well; the intention was there, but the capacity seemed to be lacking. The teams were well matched, but Sarum played a better game.

St. Margaret’s beat School House by 9 goals to 4. At full strength St. Margaret’s is the better team, but School House in this match were considerably weakened by substitutes. A. Foljambe was particularly good.

February 27th – Sarum beat New Forest by 7 goals to 2. New Forest played most pluckily with many substitutes. O. Batchelor was good in defence and M. Godley in attack. D. Wilson is a great support in Sarum’s defence.

St. Margaret’s beat Fawcett by 5 goals to 2. This was a good game. Fawcett played well together and continually pressed, but failed in shooting. St. Margaret’s combination was weakened by substitutes. H. Elworthy was good for St. Margaret’s, and Fawcett’s attack and defence wings were good.

March 6th – St. Margaret’s, beat Sarum in the Finals by 7 goals to 2. It was a hard-fought game, but the better team won. Sarum was weak in attack, chiefly owing to substitutes. G. Rigden was the best. St. Margaret’s played well together, but their strength is in their attack. The defences depend too much on crowding.

On the whole the matches were good, and the Houses at full strength would have been fairly even.


Spring Term 1915

We played two outside matches last Summer Term; one against St. Paul’s on 4th July, which we won 8 matches to 1, and one against Winchester on 11th July, which we lost 13 to 5.

It was the first year St. Paul’s had used the Doherty grip, so, of course, they found it difficult to change their style of play; consequently we beat them fairly easily.

On 11th July we played Winchester and were badly beaten. They used their heads very much more than we did in playing, and invariably placed the ball where their opponents could not get it. We hope that this year everyone will play tennis with great keenness, and that we may have better results than we have had hitherto.


First six Second six
R. Squire Y. Leys
A. Chambers M. Suffield
J. Guillemard H. Harrison
H. Elam J. Adams
M. Smart D. Collier
M. Wood H. Capel



Senior: R. Squire Junior: E. Hudson