Elected Chairman of the Governing Body of the Godolphin School, June 10, 1913.

Lord Methuen

Lord Methuen

All the world knows that he was a great soldier, and a record of his war services in the official Army List, where military history is given in shorthand, can be read by anyone. Ashanti, Egypt, Bechuanaland, the North-West Frontier of India, South Africa, these were some of the places where he served and where he led. We who have known him as a Chief Governor have at least our little share in the loyalty felt by the thousands of men who served under him and felt that he cared for each one of them and for the horse that carried him. Perhaps they did not know his great interest in education, his love of books and his knowledge of music. In his fine short speeches to the school on Speech Day he never failed to express his con­viction that there is no true education without the training of character.

On one memorable occasion a large party of the school were entertained by Lord and Lady Methuen at Corsham Court, and the girls enjoyed the not common experience of being rowed about the lake by a Field-Marshal. On that occasion he said that having spent most of his life soldiering away from his home, he now hoped to remain peacefully there. Almost immediately afterwards the Great War broke out and he was called to be Governor of Malta. He saluted and went.

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